What is the Gospel – Part 2

After looking at, cataloging, and contemplating the list of gospel references in my previous post and then sermonifying, I have made these two videos that I then used. One answers the question what is the gospel. The other does that but adds the bit for calling us to proclaim it too. They are simple videos…but that is kind of the point. What do you think?


Gospel, what is it

So I’m doing a sermon on the Gospel. As part of that I’ve cataloged the 89 references to Gospel in our New Testament. I tend to stick to a very limited number of texts in my sermons (don’t jump around or summarize many texts) but in this case I wanted to get a sense across the board what the definition is. It seems to be used very widely and to mean many different things. So here is the list. What do you think the Gospel is?

Scripture References

  • Matthew
    • 24:14 Gospel of the Kingdom to be preached to all nations
    • 26:13 Gospel is preached
  • Mark
    • 8:35 Gospel saves lives
    • 10:29 Gospel worth more than home/family/money
    • 13:10 Gospel must be preached to all nations
    • 14:9 Gospel is preached
    • 16:15 Preach Gospel to all nations
  • Acts
    • 8:25 Word of the Lord = Gospel
    • 8:40 Preaching Gospel
    • 14:7 Preaching Gospel
    • 14:21 Preaching Gospel wins disciples
    • 15:7 Hear Gospel generates belief
    • 16:10 Preaching Gospel
  • Romans
    • 1:1 Apostle Paul was set apart for Gospel
      • Gospel promised before via prophets in scripture
      • Regarding his Son (Christ)
        • Life, death, resurrection
        • Through Christ we receive grace
    • 1:9 Preaching Gospel of Son
    • 1:15 Eager to preach Gospel
    • 1:16 Gospel is the power of God to bring salvation to everyone
    • 1:17 Righteousness of God revealed in Gospel = faith
    • 2:16 Gospel says that through Jesus people would be judged
    • 11:28 Israel’s hardened hearts (law) is enemy of Gospel
    • 15:16 Proclaim Gospel
    • 15:19 Proclaiming Gospel
    • 15:20 Preaching Gospel to people who haven’t heard it
    • 16:25 Gospel is proclaiming Christ
  • 1 Corinthians
    • 1:17 Gospel is not baptizing
    • 4:15 Gospel makes family in God
    • 9:12 Give up rights to not hinder Gospel
    • 9:16 Compelled to preach Gospel
    • 9:18 Give up apostle rights to make Gospel free
    • 9:23 Set aside rights, cultures, biases, preferences – become like the unreached for the Gospel
    • 15:1 Gospel was preached
    • 15:2 Saved via Gospel
      • Can lose the Gospel if lose faith
      • Gospel is
        • Christ died for our sins
        • Buried
        • Raised
  • 2 Corinthians
    • 2:12 Preaching the Gospel
      • Lord opens door
    • 4:3 Gospel can be veiled to those who are perishing
      • Some can’t see it
    • 8:18 Service to Gospel
    • 9:13 Service to Gospel
    • 10:14 Boast in Gospel not selves
    • 10:16 Preach Gospel
    • 11:4 Different Gospels can be preached (bad gospels)
      • Different Jesus
      • Different Spirit
    • 11:7 Give up my rights to promote Gospel
  • Galatians
    • 1:6 Gospel without living in grace of Christ is no Gospel
    • 1:7 Can be perversion of Gospel – lack of Christ
    • 1:8 Very bad if preach false Gospel
    • 1:11 Gospel is not from humans – revelation of Christ
    • 2:2 Apostle Paul confirms with others to make sure he is preaching correct Gospel
    • 2:7 Preaching Gospel focused on demographics
    • 2:14 Gospel does not include Jewish customs (if forced)
    • 3:8 Gospel announced to Abraham
  • Ephesians
    • 1:13 Gospel is salvation = message of truth = in Christ
    • 3:6 Gospel is open to all – sharers of the promise of Christ
    • 3:7 Apostle Paul servant of Gospel by gift of God, working power of God
    • 6:15 Preach Gospel of peace
    • 6:19 Pray for courage in preaching Gospel
  • Philippians
    • 1:5 Partnering in Gospel
    • 1:7 Defend and confirm Gospel
    • 1:12 Suffering can advance the Gospel
    • 1:14 Suffering can advance the Gospel
    • 1:16 Regardless of motives Gospel should be preached
    • 1:27 Live according to the Gospel
      • Stand firm in Spirit
      • Striving together as one
      • In the face of opposition
    • 2:22 Service in work for Gospel
    • 4:3 Contending for the cause of the Gospel
    • 4:15 Preaching the Gospel
  • Colossians
    • 1:5 True Gospel
      • Faith in Christ
      • Love for all God’s people
    • 1:6 Gospel grows and bears fruit
      • Gospel leads to understanding God’s grace
    • 1:23 Gospel is
      • We were alienated from God because of sin
      • Christ has reconciled us via his physical body
      • To present as holy, free from accusation
      • If we continue in faith
      • This Gospel has been proclaimed to every creature
      • Apostle Paul is the Gospel’s servant
  • 1 Thessalonians
    • 1:5 Gospel is not merely words
      • Power
      • With Holy Spirit
      • Deep conviction
    • 2:2 Preaching the Gospel in the face of persecution
    • 2:3 Gospel is not trickery
    • 2:4 Gospel is entrusted to Apostle by God
      • Not trying to please people
      • Not trying to hide, or put on masks
      • Set aside Apostle’s rights for Gospel
      • Instead Apostle Paul became like who he was preaching to
    • 2:8 Shared Gospel but also lives
    • 2:9 Apostle Paul worked so that he (and by extension the Gospel) would not be burdensome
    •  3:2 Service in spreading Gospel
  • 2 Thessalonians
    • 1:8 God will punish those who do not know Gospel of Christ
    • 2:14 Calling of Gospel
      • Saved through sanctifying work of the Spirit
      • Through belief in the truth
      • To share in the glory of Christ
  • 1 Timothy
    • 1:11 Sound doctrine conforms to the Gospel
  • 2 Timothy
    • 1:8 Join in suffering for the Gospel
      • By the power of God
      • Saved us and called us to a holy life
      • Not because of anything we have done
      • But because of God
        • Grace given to us by Christ
    • 1:11 Apostle Paul appointed as herald, apostle, and teacher of Gospel
    • 2:8 Christ raised from the dead = Gospel
    • 2:9 Suffering for Gospel
  • Philemon
    • 1:13 Suffering for the Gospel
  • 1 Peter
    • 1:12 Gospel preached by the Holy Spirit
    • 4:6 Gospel is preached to provide a standard for judgment
  • Revelation
    • 14:6 Eternal Gospel to proclaim to all nations


  • Gospel is to preached and proclaimed
    • Most emphasized
    • To all nations
    • To those who haven’t heard
  • Gospel is
    • Worth more than anything earthly
    • The message of God
    • The power of God to bring salvation to all
    • Righteousness of God revealed
    • Message of truth in Christ
    • Christ
    • Faith in Christ
    • Love
    • Us reconciled by Christ
    • Saved through the work of the Spirit
    • Belief in the truth
    • Christ raised from the dead
  • Gospel is not
    • Baptizing people (in response to Gospel, yes, but not Gospel itself)
    • A different Jesus or Spirit
    • Living outside of Christ’s grace
    • A lack of Christ
    • From humans
    • Law
    • Merely words
    • Trickery
  • Gospel results in
    • Salvation
    • Wining disciples
    • Belief
    • A standard for judgment
    • Family of God
    • Standing firm in Spirit
    • Unity
    • Standing up to opposition
    • Understanding God’s grace
    • Sound doctrine
  • What do we do in service to the gospel?
    • Become set apart for Gospel
    • Give up rights
    • Not hinder Gospel or make costly
    • Set aside ourselves for the sake of Gospel (cultures, biases, preferences) – become like the unreached in culture, etc to serve Gospel
    • Recognize the working power of God
    • Suffer when appropriate for Gospel
    • Serve the Gospel, not people
    • Don’t hide or put on masks
    • Share lives
    • Be herald, teacher, etc of Gospel

Christmas Season

DSC06429There is much controversy as to when the Christmas Season starts. Ask the person next to you, out the window, etc. and you will get many a passionate plea for Christmas to start after Thanksgiving, before Thanksgiving, or never.

This year I heard a new complaint I haven’t before; namely that it is apparently disrespectful to decorate for Christmas before Remembrance Day. That presumes that humans are only able to celebrate/remember one thing at a time or that we can only express one emotion at a time. If someone was to dress up as Santa and go to a Remembrance Day service then that would be disrespectful, yes. But decorating your house in a Christmas theme is not being disrespectful to Remembrance Day. If you go to far with your decorations it can be eye watering, affront to humanity, or the single cause of climate change but likely not disrespectful of Remembrance Day.

We can have healthy discussion on the proper time for the Christmas Season based on preferences and opinion. If you choose to have the opinion that Christmas and Remembrance Day are an anathema to each other and if they should coexist then the world would implode then please remember that others may not. And that’s okay. Mainly because your opinion is crazy.

However, this is all very moot. The proper Christmas Season is November 1st through December 31st. This has been ratified in the Marriage By Law (4.a.viii) and thus is so. We have begun the Christmasification. The tree is up, Christmas music is playing, Heather’s nut cracker collection is up, and we are in the process of putting up other assorted decorations.

Bring on the Eggnog. (Not that I can have any – way too much sugar and dairy…)


Qu’Appelle Valley

Last week we drove to and through a bit of the Qu’Appelle Valley. The valley follows a series of lakes and rivers that span several hundred kilometers. The valley on each side has built up hills and bluffs. We saw a lot of ice fishing.

I suspect that it will be nice in the summer (or when you can see water). The roads, too, are fun. Which is important because I live in a province where the vast majority of roads are very straight.

The rest of the Qu’Appelle Valley pics are on a set on my flickr.

Tomorrow we head to slightly-larger-town. Town is Carlyle. Slightly-larger-town-with-walmart-and-sobeys is Estevan. The other roughly equal slightly-larger-town-with-walmart-and-sobeys is Weyburn. The city is Regina (costco and bestbuy). Closest Cora’s is Winnipeg.

I need to find an excuse to go to Winnipeg.

Mine Car Lives (retracted)

So…apparently Saskatchewan safeties are really really strict. For example: no mud flaps = fail. Along with many many other things that have nothing to do with safety. The reason that Saskatchewan can get away with this level of insaneness is that the only time you need a safety is when you import and car into the province. Transfers or sales of car inside the province do not require safeties. Thus making safeties a non issue for the majority of the population.

The list of things I would need to do to make my car safetiable is insane. And not worth the value of the car. I can’t sell it here and Ontario is slightly far. (and not worth the drive, flight, and days off that taking it back would require) So I’ll salvage what I can (mostly the decent winter tires) and sell it for parts/scrap/etc.

So this is my car now.


2011 Cruze Eco 1.4L Turbo 6spd Manual

Hello from the West

We’ve moved and are mostly settled.

We have internet (beautiful unlimited internet) but no tv as the tv guy hasn’t come yet. Good thing we have netflix.

When we packed and loaded the truck with our stuff in Niagara in mid January it was 15c. Nice t-shirt weather. When our stuff arrived (only 6 days late!) here and we unloaded the truck it was -40c (before wind chill). Not nice t-shirt weather.

A week later I experienced my first -53c wind chill. Fun times. I’ve been assured that was the height (or depth) of winter now we are more in the -10c to -20c range. Which is nice.

I’ve started to wear a winter coat.

So we live here. Or near there. Google has corrected the name of our street (was Hiawata, was supposed to be Hiawatha). From our second floor windows we can see the lake and we see the deer all the time. There are 3-5 deer that live in the village right now and wander around. So we often see them wandering beside the house or down the road, etc.

You can see my flickr sets from around the village.


Boxing Day Snow


I’ve been dreaming of a white Boxing Day. Just like the ones I used to know.

Which is good because it snowed like it was the end of the world. Oh, wait that was last Friday.

I had to drive home last night during the height of it. It should have been about a 20min drive but took over an hour. And almost getting stuck a couple of times. My little car of heroes was strong and made it through.

The other, more annoying, thing is that I was hoping to not have put oil and gas in the snow blower just to drain it for moving in a couple weeks. However this amount of snow can not be ignored.

Happy White Boxing Week all, and to all a good night.

Happy Merry Christmas Eve

Photo1Merry Happy Christmas Holidays!

As you prepare for your celebrations tomorrow please conform to the established Christmas tree rules as prescribed by the University of Sheffield Maths Society.

Using this standard our Christmas tree has 6 baubles, a 3cm star, 152cm of tinsel, and 94cm of lights. Our tree is only 30cm high (as we trying to sell our house and not cluttering up things is important).

Does your tree meet the requirements?

Can you tell the difference?

I am in an usual position because of my impending move. Our current phone provider is Rogers.

This is Rogers coverage map. Notice the gap in coverage out west. Guess where we are going to live. There is basic coverage in Regina, Saskatoon, along the Transcanada Hwy, and along the Yellow Head Hwy. We are not going to be living in these places. Thus we need a new phone company.

There is the added complication that because we are using movers to move our stuff we really can’t be without a phone during the move. So for about a month I have two phones. One for here and one for there. So I have an iphone 4 and 5 currently.

So can you tell the difference?

fire 1

Photo 1

fire 2

Photo 2

Video 1

Video 2

Vote in the comments. As apparently there isn’t an easy way to put a voting into the post. There used to be…

Spock’s Brain Drain

I had just watched Star Trek: The Original Series episode called Spock’s Brain.

It is terrible. In the last couple years I have come to appreciate TOS much more and enjoy the episodes. I grew up on TNG and the TOS movies but there are significant differences between TOS and the movies through to TNG. The specific cut off is Star Trek: The Motion Picture. After that movie the feel of Star Trek changed. The inclusion of Harve Bennett on Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan changed Star Fleet into more of a military feel and this developed into the culture of TNG (according to commentary on the DVD).

As such I haven’t immediately taken to the TOS but had to take time to acclimatise. However, Spock’s Brain is horrid. The story is bad. I don’t know whose fault it is (story, directing, or otherwise) but the acting was terrible too.

It’s Voyager bad.